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REALM Gather_11-23-13

Want more? Abundance begins with Gratitude for what you have now

Life is too short to spend our time “wanting”, never recognizing what we already have. Music can shift feelings of lack into gratitude & abundance in a flash. Fill up on good vibes from Bryan Wakeland & Brian Miller in this week’s REALM video.

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REALM Gathering 11-23-13_Kimberly Cain & Michael Kenny

When you rock the rhythm of gratitude, shift happens!

Gratitude is more than thinking nice thoughts. It’s anti-venom for the things that bite us each day! Watch this week’s video from The REALM gathering for an instant shift in your personal rhythm. And, learn how to converse with the wild things, too.

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REALM_10-26-13_Rhythm of Love

Rising Shadows & the Rhythm of Love – heal yourself

Shamans dance with the darkness, using drums as tools to heal suffering. Rhythm still works the same way for us today. Watch this week’s REALM video to learn how your vibes alert you to danger & help you heal. Bet you can’t sit still when the congas kick in!

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Kimberly in The REALM

Glimpses of the Unknown – You can rely on Love in the midst of darkness

Love is more than a sentiment & goes far beyond religion. Love heals. Why do skeptics & some scientists work so hard to debunk experiences of Light that uplift people in their darkest hours? Watch this week’s REALM video for stories of angels & the Light that shines in the darkness. + Music

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The Wild Nature of Love will heighten your intuition

Love is its own Master. Surrender yourself & it will inform you of all you need to know. Einstein & Da Vinci knew it. Watch this week’s video of The REALM gathering – let the message & music remind you of how powerful & beautiful you really are!

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Lyrics – “Dark Sky”

Lyrics from “Dark Sky” – a new song performed in the first REALM (Radical EvolutionAry Love Makers) show online. Listening to the rhythms of the Earth, we find we’re not alone. We fit. It all fits.

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Radical EvolutionAry Love Makers Concert (REALM) – Watch the Highlights!

Show 1 – Rhythm / Seduction – live, free, online. I love the way music inspires us. It is truly the Universal language. Be a part of the REALM community – to be inspired & to be an inspiration to others by the sharing of your gifts & talents. Let’s do it on purpose!

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Hobgoblins of the Soul

Next time this beast rears its head, don’t run or hide in shame & ignorance. Ask it what it wants to teach & it will surely tell you.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Let Freedom Ring!

Free people are busy being the people they are created to be – sharing with each other the gifts they have brought to this world simply by the act of their birth into it. MLK, Jr. had a dream – freedom for all people. This is the dream of Creation itself.

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Winter Solstice – Dec. 21st Lunar Eclipse – Receptivity – Divine Feminine

The event is rich in symbolism – an opportunity to learn & incorporate new ways of thinking & being into our lives – to continually be born anew. Spending some time in the depths of your psyche will reveal the beauty of darkness, the power & importance of vulnerability & receptivity.

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