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Enjoy this Holiday Jingle!

What better way to share joy at the holidays than through music? Local Honey has created a REAL TREAT for you! A hip new arrangement on an old favorite tune & you can download it for Free.

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Music Lifts Our Spirits At The Holidays

Frankly Scarlet holiday CD, “Rejoice”. Hearing the same old tired Christmas songs in store after store provided the creative juice needed to record something new & make holiday music fresh & uplifting again on a personal level. “Obstacles” can sometimes be our hidden “kick in the pants”.

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Thanksgiving…it’s not just the name of a specific day. It’s an act to be engaged in every day! Thankfulness & Gratitude are attitudes – states of being – not to be overestimated in the grand scheme of living a joyful life. Among many things I’m thankful for – Music!

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