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Want more? Abundance begins with Gratitude for what you have now

Life is too short to spend our time “wanting”, never recognizing what we already have. Music can shift feelings of lack into gratitude & abundance in a flash. Fill up on good vibes from Bryan Wakeland & Brian Miller in this week’s REALM video.

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The wolves are hungry. The one you feed determines your life’s course.

This “Cherokee Legend” is worth sharing, as it’s the story of all of us. Wolves of darkness & light roaming around inside. The key is to continually check in with your feelings to see if they’re creating thoughts that pollute & cause you to act in ways that do not serve your highest good.

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Halloween_Keys to the Soul

Halloween – Keys to the Soul

Halloween – we feel a change in the air – a transition into a new energy. It can be scary not knowing what awaits us in the darkness, the unknown. The unknown holds the keys to our awakening into new life, however. A life that we dream of creating. Take a Halloween walk in the […]

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Hobgoblins of the Soul

Next time this beast rears its head, don’t run or hide in shame & ignorance. Ask it what it wants to teach & it will surely tell you.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Let Freedom Ring!

Free people are busy being the people they are created to be – sharing with each other the gifts they have brought to this world simply by the act of their birth into it. MLK, Jr. had a dream – freedom for all people. This is the dream of Creation itself.

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Thanksgiving…it’s not just the name of a specific day. It’s an act to be engaged in every day! Thankfulness & Gratitude are attitudes – states of being – not to be overestimated in the grand scheme of living a joyful life. Among many things I’m thankful for – Music!

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LIO Radio – Live Inside Out – Interview with Aikido Master & Author, Lynn Fabia

LIO Radio: Naked Vibes Hour. Kimberly Cain interviews Lynn Fabia, Aikido 6th Degree Black Belt & Author of The Martial Art of Life: The Art of Intentional Living. The intent of LIO is to raise awareness while also entertaining. Listen to this LIO Radio podcast on the Naked Prayers blog!

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Creating a New Reality, Harmonious Future Begins Now

New Reality Transmission – a global meditation to change our thoughts & change the world. Very cool, indeed – let’s all participate! 11 days at 11:11pm, starting 11/11/10 with plans to keep it going on more 11 dates. Numerology buffs?

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Personal Frequency – the Ebb & Flow of Life

It’s a busy world. Outside influences tend to make us think we must constantly be doing something – doing more – in order to keep up. This is a fallacy. Enjoy the “troughs” of life’s waves, even though everything around you seems contradictory to that thought. The trough is where the energy is gathering.

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LIO Radio – Live Inside Out_Universal Truth vs Personal Subjective Truth

On LIO Radio, you hear a little about God, a little about sex or money – things that, in our culture, don’t always seem to mix. The intent of LIO is to raise awareness of our wholeness while also entertaining. Listen to this LIO Radio podcast on the Naked Prayers blog!

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