Radiate Love – audio meditation treats to elevate your day

I recognized, over the last week, that so many people are suffering in one form or another. From illness to divorce, from school bullying to job loss, we’re all presented with personal circumstances that hurt. Then there’s the collective tragedy we all feel – from a school massacre, like Sandy Hook, to ongoing genocide in Africa. These things can weigh heavily on our hearts, on our psyche.

Radiate Love - watercolor, KBCain

We need daily reminders of who we really are.

I want to remind you that Love is more powerful than any hardship we face.

And you are that Love.

I created a rhythmic meditation to remind you. Dive in. Move your body; it’ll elevate your outlook.
“Radiate Love” Meditation 


Then my talented husband added his own sauce to rock it up. Here’s the “Radiate Love” Meditation – CandyBelly remix.


I hope you enjoy them.

Love Rocks the World.


Want to see what guided rhythm meditations can do for you?
Check it out.

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2 Responses to Radiate Love – audio meditation treats to elevate your day

  1. Cathy January 23, 2013 at #

    Thank you Kim! I have re-aquatinted myself with your movement meditations. Love them! They do not magically solve my problems but they do clear my mind and bring my soul peace. THAT opens me to joy and solutions that I may need. I will add these meditations to my collection!

    • Kimberly Cain January 23, 2013 at #

      Beautiful, Cathy! Problem solving becomes much easier when we approach it from the right brain, non-linear space, allowing genius to enter & inform our left brain to make decisions & act. So glad the movement meditations have been fun & useful for you. Thank you for sharing that.