Transformation – Lessons from the Chameleon

Transformation is an essential & inescapable element of life. 

Learning to embrace it brings great reward.

We tend to resist change with great fervor. It's interesting to ponder the experience of a world that embraces change with equal zest – or better, accepts it as easily as we accept the turning of day into night, & back to day once more.

I love learning from nature. It is rich in its lessons – patient, loving, deep, at once immanent & transcendent…infinite. I often receive visits from animals, birds, & such that come as teachers. The more subtle energies of plants, trees, & even rocks are teachers as well. These lessons are available to all of us – the trick, however, is to make yourself available.

I've been undergoing transition. I do that best by spending extra introspective time, allowing the Divine to inspire & guide me. I have always been an intuitive, but have not always been especially vocal about it. It is a gift that is intended, not for me alone, but to help guide others through their life challenges & into an understanding of their own higher selves. I have realized the importance of coming further forward with this gift, but have not fully understood how to do so.

I asked for guidance, then went into the stillness of meditation, surrounded by nature's beauty. A teacher soon arrived – a chameleon. When he first appeared, I thought he was sick, as he was moving very slowly & with seeming difficulty. I then noticed his shedding skin. I watched as he rubbed himself against the blades of the amaryllis, twisting & turning to loosen the old, dead skin. He looked so uncomfortable as he puffed his body up & wriggled through the tunnel of tight skin a little further. I had an impulse to help him & asked him if he needed that from me. I received the answer that we must all make our life transitions on our own. Others can be a witness to our lives, but no one can make the actual transition for us, nor can they speed it along. In fact, to try to do so could be a detriment to us. We need time to process our experiences in order for real & lasting transformation to occur.

I accepted that I was to be a witness then, not a savior. Chameleon continued to wriggle & as he did, I saw that he was intended, by nature, to shed his old self (skin) & become new. His old skin was tight & it required effort for him to loosen it & push further & further out of it with his new self. Nature understands that this is right & natural. No drama is needed. Transformation is simply a part of life.

Humans have made transformation such a difficult process by adding layers & layers of ego between the physical & spiritual planes. Our worries about what we will lose, if change occurs, often prevent us from experiencing Divine grace – the mystery of transformation & the many blessings that come with being born into something or someone new & more beautiful.

Transformation is inevitable. It's almost comical how difficult we make it, when really, it's all about love. The love of a higher, Divine energy – an evolutionary energy, a spiritual energy – that brings about necessary change for purpose that is beyond our grasp. Acceptance of this guidance alleviates fear & marries us to the joy & the mystery of Creation itself.

Chameleon allowed me to video him. I've put it together with a song by my sister, Kelly Brown, aka Local Honey. It's called "Love Remains". After all, that is really what we have when we let go of the drama & fear of transformation, accepting what is natural & beautiful about life. Love is the energy that remains!