The case for imagination in health, wealth, & everything else

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” 
~ attributed to Albert Einstein

I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer talk about imagination in a PBS special recently. It was so gratifying to hear the confirmation of another well-respected adult on the limitless use of  imagination as a key component in manifesting our dreams & desires. I still employ my wild, imaginative nature as one of the greatest joys of my life & I highly recommend it as a practice for you, too.

“Anima” watercolor – KBCain

It is in the non-visible realm that the spark of life is first ignited. All spiritual traditions point to this fact. Quantum physics confirms that the universe is made of formless energy & that, out of this formlessness, springs matter.

Out of your very thoughts, desires & dreams, you create your life. So, why are so many people creating lives based on the “I can’t…” & “I’m not…” model?

I AM healthy, wealthy, beautiful, loving, peaceful, resourceful, caring, intelligent, playful, sensual, joyful, patient, forgiving, faithful, trustworthy, courageous, bold, truthful…..

YES – YOU ARE THAT & so much more!

We have the power to heal our lives & our world through the use of our imagination. Imagine what millions of individuals changing their personal decrees from “I can’t” to “I Am” would do to heal humankind & our planet. We are created to be. Therefore I am, You are, We are.

I’ll be doing a series of posts on the ways you can use your imagination to heal, to prosper & to succeed in life, love, business & all that matters.

This week, try this assignment. Lie on the ground & look up at the vast sky – by day or night – seeing it as a limitless canvas. Then, imagine yourself – your life – as a movie projected onto that canvas. You are both the projector & the projected. What do you wish to see? Practice the freedom to imagine yourself as you would like to be & that is what you are in that moment. Allow it to be true & real – because it is.

Don’t analyze this exercise. Just allow it to open you to new possibilities. There’s more power here than what you might think.

I’d love a report on what you see! Post it in the comments below.

And, if you’d like to delve into the ways your imagination can bring you greater success & freedom in all areas of your life, contact me for a complimentary session & let’s explore.