Sleep Medicine

Couldn't sleep. What to do? 

Here's my medicine. Take some.

People lie awake/toss & turn at night for various reasons – many from anxiety & worry. Me – I get excited about things. The body experiences the same symptoms, whether from excitement or anxiety – the adrenal glands are a pumpin', amongst other things!

Bottom line – too much energy is flowing through the body for relaxation to take place, or it's getting stuck in a certain location within the body & needs to be distributed more evenly to balance things out. By now, you can see that I'm not speaking in medical terms here, though my doctor friends can back me up. This is about energy as a spiritual force. Everything is energy. 

I have just finished preparing my novel, Heaven, for press. It's a project I've been working on – researching & writing for the last several years. It's like a plane that's been in the hangar, parts first scattered on the floor, eventually coming together as one unit. Finally, it's sitting on the tarmac, engines running, awaiting the word from the tower to take off. The tower represents publishing funds.

My friend, John Rody of former KZEW-FM fame, called me the other day & asked if I'd like to join his new circus. I've been a part of the circus before. I remember what fun it can be. So, like the tight-rope walking, fire juggling gal I am, I said, "Of course!"

First show, we talked about my soon-to-be-released novel & things quickly turned to mayhem, as they do with him…& with me. Long after the show is over, the energy that has been generated is still circulating in the body. I have much experience with this phenomenon, as I have been a performer for most of my life. It's exhilarating, but can be hard on the mind & body when not balanced.

I believe imbalanced energy is the reason why so many artists, of all persuasions, have addictions that lead many of them to untimely deaths. This fits for anyone – I just use artists as an example because it's easy to see in those whose profiles are public. Artists like Jimi Hendrix & Curt Cobain drew in more spiritual energy than they could release, it seems.

Spiritual energy is universal, collective, & infinite. It has much more voltage than one human body can contain. When we engage our creative selves, we engage Spirit, as they are intimately connected – in fact, they're one & the same. We draw energy from a greater Source into our minds & bodies.

It has to be released if sleep is ever going to be peaceful & sound or if we're ever to live a balanced waking life. One of the surest ways to release creative energy is through great sex! See God+Sex = Making Love. Tonight's method, however, was to get up & dance like a wild banshee! Yep, just get up & get after it. Go ahead & laugh. It's a pretty funny picture, I know. Just try it. I'd like to see people use this method to release stress at other times, too. Middle of a work day. We'd all be havin' a lot more fun – who cares what anyone else thinks about it (might see some good Elaine Benes moves)! Then, of course, you can blog about it if you still have a little energy left over.

Ohhhh, soooo sleepy. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.