Radical EvolutionAry Love Makers & Richard Branson “Screw Business as Usual”

Richard Branson’s new book, “Screw Business as Usual” is a fresh & seriously needed blueprint for the way businesses must operate if we are to experience a thriving future. Branson models a mission of creating good in the world, as the primary objective, then deriving profit from those efforts. He shares the ways his own Virgin brand companies & others are doing it.

So, when Branson asked “How are you screwing business as usual?”, I answered with a video. It’s live on his non-profit site, Virgin Unite. Now, I need you! Enough “Likes”, Tweets & Google+ (on their site) give me an opportunity to meet with him & other world change-agents to put ideas into action!

Radial EvolutionAry Love Makers, aka The REALM™, is an art & entertainment entity creating music & multi-media to enlighten, elevate, & educate. Branson can be a catalyst in helping The REALM™ provide scholarships & more. 

Kim_SBAU 4

Click the photo to watch on the Virgin Unite site. If the video takes more than a few seconds to load, hit “enter” in your browser bar to reload. The video itself is only 3 minutes.

The project goes through April 20th.


People are tired of doing business with companies whose only agenda is to make a profit, regardless of the adverse effects on people & the planet. I was excited to read that a multi-billionaire is leading the way for us to think differently about the way we make our living. We can see that our governments are unable to correct the staggering issues of poverty, corporate greed, pollution, disease & more that prevent us from realizing global peace, justice, health & abundance for all humanity. It’s going to take each of us, as global citizens, to create the changes we want to see in our own unique ways & to educate others.

Thank you for helping me in my endeavors to “be the change”. It’s a ripple effect.