My Birthday = a Gift for YOU!

My birthday always fills me with gratitude & a huge appreciation for my life. So, to celebrate this year, I'm offering you a gift. Kim's Birthday Gift

My Move Your Sexy Spirit Home Study Kit for the price of…ding,ding, ding…
Pay Whatever You Can!

Gotta be quick though,
'cuz I won't offer this indefinitely
(kit is regularly $180) – so, hop on this before July 9, 2011. Grab it here.

If you've enjoyed the Naked Prayers blog, then believe me, you are going to love this program. I want you to experience it to understand just how powerful a transformation it can provide. I've heard from many people who are experiencing financial hardship & I know what that's like. So do what you can, now.

Move Your Sexy Spirit is for creators (gods, goddesses, warriors, world-changers, mavericks, fire-starters) who know there is something more to life; it’s brewing inside & just waiting to be discovered!

Move Your Sexy Spirit can:

  • transform your fear, creating a sense of freedom & courage
  • ignite your soul fire, awakening & refueling your dreams
  • shift your perspectives for living a bold, juicy life
  • connect you to your highest Source of inspiration & your Life Force energy - keeping your batteries charged for ****genuine Self-Love****fulfilling, intimate relationships with others****magical creative endeavors****exciting transformations in your dance with money****passionate, loving sexual expression****& an overall sense of support & WHOLENESS •

Pay Whatever You Can through July 9, 2011 (go here) and…

Get ready to feel comfortable in your own skin!

Radiantly confident in who you are & what you have to offer.

Your loved ones, colleagues, community…all of us need you to shine as your authentic Self – with the power & confidence of that inner fire that is uniquely you.