Kindness. It’s Sexy, Righteous & Powerful. Is it a part of your strategy?

It’s always interesting to observe the “powerful” at work & those who believe themselves to be powerful. What a difference!

I attended the *NAB/RAB RadioShow last week & heard a passionate keynote from entrepreneur/radio host, Tom Joyner, followed by a heartfelt award acceptance from Dan Mason, President, CBS Radio & a man equally impassioned by radio – & life.

Following the luncheon, I spoke with both men & was not only impressed, but inspired by their genuine natures & ability to connect in the present moment.

By contrast, I met others who stayed busy checking their cell phones or looking around the room as they feigned conversation. One, the manager of a well-known show host, even sneered at my offer to send him my novel, Heaven, for a possible interview. Really? No problem – your loss, buddy. Not because he needs to accept, but because his attitude is a reflection of his inner life.

Power-full people understand that there’s magic in the moment & they want to make sure they don’t miss it. Their hallmarks: sparkling eyes, warm smile, open heart, kind nature, presence in & with the moment.

Their energy is fully connected – tethered at both ends of the spectrum. They are sexually magnetic & spiritually inspired (whether they recognize it in that particular way or not).

Dan Mason had just finished accepting a big industry award & was surrounded by congratulating peers & admirers. He welcomed me, graciously, when I approached.

I walked the hall with Tom Joyner after the luncheon. It was easy, comfortable. We parted with Tom saying, “Be easy”.

Yeah. Right on.

Are you acting powerful or actually power-full? Because there’s kindness in real power. Check yourself – regularly – to feel & understand if you’re flowing. If not, it’s time. Get to the nearest A/C & jack in.

The world is evolving. Peace, patience, love, joy, truth, kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, generosity, trust, faithfulness, self-control…are sexy, righteous & powerful.


*National Assoc. of Broadcasters / Radio Advertising Bureau