Excerpt from HEAVEN, a novel – Ch. 25, “Purple Snakesuit”

     "Every person has a rhythm. This guy is deep, mysterious and hard. I imagine he enjoyed my performance to the music of Live very much. He needs something nice and hard, but cool. Soundgarden. 'Pretty Noose'. Yeah.

     "I drop my kimono to the sound of the raw electric guitar, revealing my hard/soft body. Mr. Six's face is expressionless, his eyes hiding behind his dark glasses. I think my goal here is to match his hardness in my intensity, while bringing the softness of the extreme feminine to him. His persona does not contain anything soft – he needs it in his life. I'll let the music create the hard, while I move to it softly. Juxtaposition provides a good visual lesson. Ånd it's oh-so-naughty!"        © 2010 Kimberly Cain

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