Feeling Comfortable in your Own Skin

It's a great feeling that we ALL should be experiencing! Truly.

Whatever it is that turns us on, ignites our fire, makes us sing with enthusiasm also brings joy to others! What a world-changing effect it would be if we were to all get comfortable with who we are & what we have to offer. Then the real adventures could begin! No one would be busy trying to hold others captive or have power over them – we'd all be busy enjoying our lives & blessing everyone around us with that kind of power.

I understand that this kind of thinking sounds idealistic to some. That's okay. Love is a worthwhile ideal. I believe in the power of LOVE. It's the foundation for creativity.

Listen here to the recording of my latest tele-gathering, Move Your Sexy Spirit to see how, through the connection of our sexuality & our spirituality, we can live more creative, joyful lives & move our Love into the world.

Clue: If you feel "stuck" – getting outside & engaging with the natural world – the sensual world – will get your own sensual juices flowing & make you feel more alive – more comfortable & at ease with your own self. This is the domain of the Divine Feminine.

IMG_1452 This little guy is comfortable. When he becomes uncomfortable, he sheds & moves into his new, more expansive skin.




How is the Divine Feminine trying to make herself more apparent in your life?

Could you benefit from shedding some old skin & moving your own sexy spirit a bit?