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Feel Alive

What makes you feel ALIVE? Do more of it.

We often choose methods of change that don’t jive with who we are. That’s a land mine. It’s gonna blow up. Commit to doing what makes you feel alive.

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Kimberly Cain_Rhythm & percussion in The REALM

Finding your own rhythm when you’re stuck in an “ADD” world

ADD, ADHD, OCD, Bi-polar disorder… From your spiritual to your sexual health, it’s essential to find your own rhythm & stay out of the dis-order factory! Watch this week’s REALM video – rock your body, soothe your soul.

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Dia de los Muertos celebration - Love Wins

When Darkness Rules, Call on Love – Celebrating Day of the Dead

Spooky & supernatural stories, songs of Love winning over death, & some serious fun with dancing out the darkness. Watch the video of The REALM Gathering, celebrating Dia de los Muertos. Even in the daily deaths of jobs, relationships, & finances, Love is never too busy to answer your call.

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Anima watercolor - KBCain

Kindness. It’s Sexy, Righteous & Powerful. Is it a part of your strategy?

Powerful people understand that there’s magic in the moment & they want to make sure they don’t miss it. Their energy is fully connected – sexually magnetic & spiritually inspired. They understand that kindness is a necessary part of the success equation.

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A free E-book + Tap Your Creative Genius + Sex & Spirit

Spread the great idea of trashing sexual & spiritual repression at the hands of ignorance. Let’s educate on loving relationships, the gift of sexual pleasure, & the power that lies in the freedom to be our true creative selves. Vote at ChangeThis.com.

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Halloween_Keys to the Soul

Halloween – Keys to the Soul

Halloween – we feel a change in the air – a transition into a new energy. It can be scary not knowing what awaits us in the darkness, the unknown. The unknown holds the keys to our awakening into new life, however. A life that we dream of creating. Take a Halloween walk in the […]

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Houses of the Holy – Celebrate the Body as a Temple of Spirit

Why are we still painting pleasure as a decadent thing or as something that is “less than” spiritual? We have real splintered images of sexuality in our culture that need to be healed. Art & music show us who we are; Tantra is a beautiful practice for deepening the art of sacred sexuality.

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Radical EvolutionAry Love Makers Concert (REALM) – Watch the Highlights!

Show 1 – Rhythm / Seduction – live, free, online. I love the way music inspires us. It is truly the Universal language. Be a part of the REALM community – to be inspired & to be an inspiration to others by the sharing of your gifts & talents. Let’s do it on purpose!

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Radical EvolutionAry Love Makers Concert (REALM) – 7/6/11 – Free, Online – Watch it Here!

Music & Performance Art with a message streamed live via the web on July 9, 2011. The REALM is also a community for leaders – artists, mavericks, innovators, world-changers & fire-starters. Let’s start a bonfire of creative action in the world ya’ll!

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My Birthday = a Gift for YOU!

My birthday always fills me with gratitude & a huge appreciation for my life. So, to celebrate this year, I’m offering you a gift. My Move Your Sexy Spirit Home Study Kit for the price of “Pay What You Can!” through July 9, 2011. Transform your fear; Create self-worth!

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