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Your Relationships: Crime Scene or Love Scene?

Love, Sex, Money – how do they show up in your relationship picture? Learn relationship “forensics” & thrive! Kimberly Cain interviews Krisandra Parsons & Mark Demos of Life Scene Investigations (LSI). Live Event: April 27, 2012

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Egyptian Virginity Checks – Why Spiritual/Sexual Connection Matters

Individual & collective sexuality is attacked from many corners. Why? Because it’s an effective method of oppression! When we finally recognize sexuality as a gateway to our highest, most excellent Selves – our spiritual Selves – we will be able to use this energy for boundless good.

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Feeling Comfortable in your Own Skin

Are you longing to shed some old, worn-out “skin” & find your inner creative fire? Ready to Move Your Sexy Spirit? Well, what are you waiting for? The rest of us want to see your shining, authentic Self come alive! You probably have great things to share with us!

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