LIO Radio: Live Inside Out

It’s been years since I’ve done radio & I thought I was done with it. I was a rock radio DJ in another incarnation & I found myself becoming increasingly dissatisfied with it as I was required to play more & more commercials, less & less music, with fewer & fewer music choices. There have been many times that I’ve missed it…only the parts that allowed me to play great music & engage in one of my favorite elements – the exhilaration of creating live, in the moment.

Well, the circle has made its rounds & we’re back to a place where we have the ability to create whatever we want through the medium of Internet radio. It is definitely the Wild, Wild West! You can find anything & everything. And of course, we know that’s a double-edged sword.

I’m learning & it’s exciting to explore the possibilities. LIO Radio spins from the intuitive guidance work I do with people.  LIO Logo_FullLIO (Live Inside Out) is about living from the core of your being – your authentic Self. Your authentic Self is borne of Love. With the awareness of Love as the center of all things, we move outward into powerful, joyful living.

My intention with LIO Radio is to stimulate you with provocative conversation, music, interviews with artists, shamans & healers of all kinds – to provide intuitive spiritual guidance.

The first segment of LIO Radio – Tune Your Vibes – is dedicated to increasing intuitive awareness & generally tuning to the vibe of Spirit as connected to our minds & bodies.

The second segment on LIO Radio – Naked Vibes – brings you in contact with artists & healers whose practices will give you glimpses of your own ability to channel Spirit – through music, writing, energy work, & more.

You’ll find some portions of the show are a little edgy, others softer, more contemplative. Life is a mixture!

Heavn-Dust-Jacket_website_f I’ve introduced HEAVEN, my newly released novel & music cd, on the show. You can listen to readings to get a feel for it! You can hear songs from the artists featured on the cd.

I’ve had some great guests on the show, too. Guitarist, Rhett Butler. Multi-talented singer/songwriter/artist, Kelly Brown (aka Local Honey). Author/Sixth Degree Aikido Black-Belt, Lynn Fabia. Musician/Songwriter, Reggie Rueffer. And there are more to come! LIO Radio began on a new consciousness-based network, Enlumnia. It’s looking for a new home & possible syndication – so, if you have a radio station & interest, please contact me here.

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2 Responses to LIO Radio: Live Inside Out

  1. RobertFischer September 26, 2010 at #

    Do you have a podcast feed? I almost missed the most recent episode.

  2. Kimberly Cain September 26, 2010 at #

    Thanks for asking, Robert! At the moment, I’m only posting archives from shows I did while streaming live from Enlumnia Radio Network. There are still a couple more shows yet to edit & post. I’m looking to find the best spot for continuing LIO Radio & creating actual podcasts through ITunes, though. I believe WRN will be good. Maybe others as well. Any ideas, please pass along!