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Lovers of the Universe

Lovemaking beyond the physical. It’ll transform your life

Allow yourself the freedom to experience lovemaking beyond the physical by opening your heart & mind to Love in its higher forms. Vibrate the universe.

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Kimberly Cain_Rhythm & percussion in The REALM

Finding your own rhythm when you’re stuck in an “ADD” world

ADD, ADHD, OCD, Bi-polar disorder… From your spiritual to your sexual health, it’s essential to find your own rhythm & stay out of the dis-order factory! Watch this week’s REALM video – rock your body, soothe your soul.

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A free E-book + Tap Your Creative Genius + Sex & Spirit

Spread the great idea of trashing sexual & spiritual repression at the hands of ignorance. Let’s educate on loving relationships, the gift of sexual pleasure, & the power that lies in the freedom to be our true creative selves. Vote at

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Houses of the Holy – Celebrate the Body as a Temple of Spirit

Why are we still painting pleasure as a decadent thing or as something that is “less than” spiritual? We have real splintered images of sexuality in our culture that need to be healed. Art & music show us who we are; Tantra is a beautiful practice for deepening the art of sacred sexuality.

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Kids Need to Know about Healthy Sexuality

Let’s educate our kids in the understanding that their bodies are temples. Their bodies are miraculous & are the ships that carry world-changing ideas, so must be cared for completely & lovingly. That includes an understanding that pleasure is important for sustaining them. Let’s transform the way we talk to them about sex!

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Egyptian Virginity Checks – Why Spiritual/Sexual Connection Matters

Individual & collective sexuality is attacked from many corners. Why? Because it’s an effective method of oppression! When we finally recognize sexuality as a gateway to our highest, most excellent Selves – our spiritual Selves – we will be able to use this energy for boundless good.

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Sexuality – Vulnerable & Sacred

SEX – it carries, within it, so much raw power. Titillating, & yet it conjures much fear. It hits the root of our humanity. When it’s truthful & intimate, it is a sacred act. Opening up to one another in our common need for pleasure heals dis-comfort & dis-ease.

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Sacred Sexuality – an interview

I was interviewed on Coach Betty LIVE! – Living an Organic & Orgasmic Life! for Transformation Talk Radio. The conversation was sizzling! If you’re curious about connecting your spirituality to your sexuality & living a more orgasmic life, listen up!

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Feeling Comfortable in your Own Skin

Are you longing to shed some old, worn-out “skin” & find your inner creative fire? Ready to Move Your Sexy Spirit? Well, what are you waiting for? The rest of us want to see your shining, authentic Self come alive! You probably have great things to share with us!

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Step into your Leadership – Complimentary TeleCall 3/17/11

Are you a leader waiting in the wings, waiting for someone to “call you out”…well, consider yourself called! Learn to operate from the core of your being, your Highest, Most Excellent Self! Move Your Sexy Spirit is a way of life! Get ready to feel comfortable in your own skin.

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