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Feel Alive

What makes you feel ALIVE? Do more of it.

We often choose methods of change that don’t jive with who we are. That’s a land mine. It’s gonna blow up. Commit to doing what makes you feel alive.

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Treasure Chest

Gold hidden in plain sight

Imagine having twenty years of experience in the area of your dream job – and not even realizing it. Sound incredible, or even impossible? It’s actually very common. Working & playing to unearth your dreams can lead to some astounding discoveries just waiting for you to take notice. Your story could be a lot like […]

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REALM @ Heaven Book Release Party/Concert_Kim_DavePrez_TimCain

Purpose, Passion & Dumping the “Shoulds”

Our creativity is too often quashed by another person’s ideas of what we “should” be doing. It is our responsibility to mine our own purpose & to guide others to understanding that we’ll be much better partners, co-workers, & neighbors when we grace one another with the freedom to be our true selves. I don’t […]

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REALM_Halloween_Dark Sky 1

Life, Love & Work Have a Rhythm. Can You Feel It?

You have your own unique rhythm; a certain way you move in the world. The way you think, play, share your joy, do your work, express your creativity, engage your sexuality, practice your faith – it’s your rhythm. You’ll find your life purpose between the beats.

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