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The Wild Nature of Love will heighten your intuition

Love is its own Master. Surrender yourself & it will inform you of all you need to know. Einstein & Da Vinci knew it. Watch this week’s video of The REALM gathering – let the message & music remind you of how powerful & beautiful you really are!

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Personal Frequency – the Ebb & Flow of Life

It’s a busy world. Outside influences tend to make us think we must constantly be doing something – doing more – in order to keep up. This is a fallacy. Enjoy the “troughs” of life’s waves, even though everything around you seems contradictory to that thought. The trough is where the energy is gathering.

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LIO Radio: Live Inside Out_Why LIO? – Pt. 2, 3 & 4

On LIO Radio, you hear a little about God, a little about sex or money – things that, in our culture, don’t always seem to mix. The intent of LIO is to raise awareness of our wholeness while also entertaining.

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LIO Radio: Live Inside Out – The Art & Practice of Listening Pt. 2

Intuitive Guidance – Listening in spirit is the gateway to our Intuition, to Consciousness itself. We are portals into time! Reading from Heaven, a novel & title song from Heaven CD. Music from Kelly Brown/Local Honey & Rhett Butler.

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