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The Naked Vibes Show podcast with Kimberly Cain

The Naked Vibes Show – tune in to the podcast

The Naked Vibes Show podcast brings you conversations, insights & inspiration from musicians, artists, innovators, love-makers, & world-shakers. Tune in!

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Kimberly Cain_Rhythm & percussion in The REALM

Finding your own rhythm when you’re stuck in an “ADD” world

ADD, ADHD, OCD, Bi-polar disorder… From your spiritual to your sexual health, it’s essential to find your own rhythm & stay out of the dis-order factory! Watch this week’s REALM video – rock your body, soothe your soul.

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Sassy at Champ Creek

Just my imagination, runnin’ away. Use it to solve problems & relieve stress.

College students are saying they’re getting practical training, but not much help with creative problem solving. Well, in my book, creative thinking is practical. Right brain/Left brain = Whole Brain & that’s what is required, not only for our survival, but for our ability to thrive. Watch the video to see what I shared with […]

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The problem with the blank canvas

The “lost generation” is experiencing a sense of paralysis. While freedom is key, a vital piece for laying claim to your creative freedom is structure. It may seem counterintuitive, but when you talk to most “high performers”, you’ll find they have a certain method to their creative madness.

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Anima watercolor - KBCain

The case for imagination in health, wealth, & everything else

We have the power to heal our lives & our world through the use of our imagination. Imagine what millions of individuals changing their personal decrees from “I can’t” to “I Am” would do to heal humankind & our planet. We are created to be. Therefore I am, You are, We are.

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A free E-book + Tap Your Creative Genius + Sex & Spirit

Spread the great idea of trashing sexual & spiritual repression at the hands of ignorance. Let’s educate on loving relationships, the gift of sexual pleasure, & the power that lies in the freedom to be our true creative selves. Vote at

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Winter – Incubating Possibilities & New Creations!

What’s brewing in the den? Take some time to rest – hibernate a little.

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LIO Radio – Live Inside Out – Interview with Kelly Brown (Local Honey)_live music

Kelly Brown, aka Local Honey, is an enormous talent! The singer/songwriter/multi-disciplined artist, visits with me about her music, inspirations & the creative process. Kelly plays live in the studio on the LIO Radio “Naked Vibes” Hour. Hear tunes from the Local Honey CD, Late Bloomer.

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Sleep Medicine

Creative energy has to be released if sleep is ever going to be peaceful & sound or if we’re ever to live a balanced waking life. One of the surest ways is through great sex! Tonight’s method, however, was to get up & dance like a wild banshee! Yep, just get up & get after […]

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