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The Naked Vibes Show podcast with Kimberly Cain

The Naked Vibes Show – tune in to the podcast

The Naked Vibes Show podcast brings you conversations, insights & inspiration from musicians, artists, innovators, love-makers, & world-shakers. Tune in!

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REALM Gathering 11-23-13_Kimberly Cain & Michael Kenny

When you rock the rhythm of gratitude, shift happens!

Gratitude is more than thinking nice thoughts. It’s anti-venom for the things that bite us each day! Watch this week’s video from The REALM gathering for an instant shift in your personal rhythm. And, learn how to converse with the wild things, too.

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Kimberly Cain_Rhythm & percussion in The REALM

Finding your own rhythm when you’re stuck in an “ADD” world

ADD, ADHD, OCD, Bi-polar disorder… From your spiritual to your sexual health, it’s essential to find your own rhythm & stay out of the dis-order factory! Watch this week’s REALM video – rock your body, soothe your soul.

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REALM_10-26-13_Rhythm of Love

Rising Shadows & the Rhythm of Love – heal yourself

Shamans dance with the darkness, using drums as tools to heal suffering. Rhythm still works the same way for us today. Watch this week’s REALM video to learn how your vibes alert you to danger & help you heal. Bet you can’t sit still when the congas kick in!

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Kimberly in The REALM

Glimpses of the Unknown – You can rely on Love in the midst of darkness

Love is more than a sentiment & goes far beyond religion. Love heals. Why do skeptics & some scientists work so hard to debunk experiences of Light that uplift people in their darkest hours? Watch this week’s REALM video for stories of angels & the Light that shines in the darkness. + Music

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Every battery runs down. Find a vortex for recharging.

Sedona is known for its energy vortexes, as are many other sacred sites around the world. I could try to describe it page after page & never really give you the full truth of it. It has to be experienced. And when you’re running low on energy, tapping into a vortex will rejuvenate you. It […]

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Anima watercolor - KBCain

The case for imagination in health, wealth, & everything else

We have the power to heal our lives & our world through the use of our imagination. Imagine what millions of individuals changing their personal decrees from “I can’t” to “I Am” would do to heal humankind & our planet. We are created to be. Therefore I am, You are, We are.

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Artwork thanks to

The wolves are hungry. The one you feed determines your life’s course.

This “Cherokee Legend” is worth sharing, as it’s the story of all of us. Wolves of darkness & light roaming around inside. The key is to continually check in with your feelings to see if they’re creating thoughts that pollute & cause you to act in ways that do not serve your highest good.

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Terrier dance_©2013 Kelly Brown

Cringing. “Did I really say that?” Rectifying.

Ugly words spoken to my sister’s childhood friend still hurt. How do I move out of the energy of embarrassment & into the energy of the “Snoopy dance”? 3 steps to get your joy back, so you can travel lighter, stop ruminating on your misdeeds, do better work & play well with others.

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