Archive | December, 2013
Feel Alive

What makes you feel ALIVE? Do more of it.

We often choose methods of change that don’t jive with who we are. That’s a land mine. It’s gonna blow up. Commit to doing what makes you feel alive.

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Local Honey Holiday Mix - Kelly Brown & Kim Brown Cain

The gift of music. Listen & be blessed.

Music is the gift of the holidays; the language of everyday. Though I’ve been performing music with my sister, Kelly Brown, for a lifetime, I am still awed by her beautiful voice. Take a few moments to enjoy these beautiful songs & breathe in the joy of the season.

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Lovers of the Universe

Lovemaking beyond the physical. It’ll transform your life

Allow yourself the freedom to experience lovemaking beyond the physical by opening your heart & mind to Love in its higher forms. Vibrate the universe.

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