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Anima watercolor - KBCain

Kindness. It’s Sexy, Righteous & Powerful. Is it a part of your strategy?

Powerful people understand that there’s magic in the moment & they want to make sure they don’t miss it. Their energy is fully connected – sexually magnetic & spiritually inspired. They understand that kindness is a necessary part of the success equation.

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The Price of Flying Higher

When you dare to live in the freedom of your truest self, you will face obstacles. Let those obstacles be a sign that you are on the right path. Rise to the occasion. Go over, under, around or through. You are here to create.

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Love Wins

Run the Race Like You’ve Already Won

Talk about stress reduction! It’s about where you put the focus. Love is an act, an attitude, a state of being, a refusal to die before you’re dead. Acting as Love itself is a radical act – generated from the heart.

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Secrets for Living a SuperCharged Life

It takes a lot of energy to get up on a large stage & motivate an early morning audience. The key is understanding how to generate that kind of energy. Putting a few key elements into practice will make the difference between living a fulfilling life & a dud. Brendon Burchard shares key secrets in […]

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