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Excerpt from HEAVEN, a novel – Ch. 25, “Purple Snakesuit”

“Every person has a rhythm. This guy is deep, mysterious and hard. I think my goal here is to match his hardness in my intensity, while bringing the softness of the extreme feminine to him. His persona does not contain anything soft – he needs it in his life.” ~Eve, HEAVEN, a novel, Ch. 25 […]

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Winter Beauty – Petit Jean Photos by Artist, Keith Newton

If you’re feeling cooped up, experiencing some winter “blah” & in need of inspiration, here you go! Beautiful photos of Petit Jean State Park in the winter snow, courtesy of artist/photographer, Keith Newton.

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Hobgoblins of the Soul

Next time this beast rears its head, don’t run or hide in shame & ignorance. Ask it what it wants to teach & it will surely tell you.

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