Move Your Sexy Spirit! Home Study Kit & Rhythm Meditations Bundle


Specially bundled at a magical price,
exclusively for Tara’s Goddess Tribe!


Move Your Sexy Spirit Home Study Kit
+ Kimberly’s Movement Meditations

Move Your Sexy Spirit home study kit contains 5 hours of audio guidance & practices that will
• open up blocked areas in your mind & body that have prevented you from experiencing your true power.
• You’ll learn Kimberly’s BALANCE System to help you access the Source of your highest power & potential.
• Once learned, this simple system is with you everywhere you go – you’ll get what you’ve already got on the inside & understand how to use it in practical ways at any time, any place, & in any circumstance to elevate you beyond reactionary emotions which can be paralyzing & realign you with your innate sensuality, joy, & ability to heal yourself & others.

Watch the Introductory Video

PLUS – You’ll also receive

Kimberly’s Rhythmic Movement Meditations

A 5-part rhythmic audio series, each one building upon the others & designed to get your hips movin’, your mojo flowin’, & your soul-fire burnin’ bright!
• You’ll learn the power that is already brewing in your own precious body & just waiting to be unleashed.
• You’ll feel centered, empowered, peaceful, strong, & comfortable in your own skin.

Whew! Freedom is priceless, baby!

• Download of 9 mp3 meditations (4 rhythm tracks with Kimberly’s voice guidance, 4 without guidance for you to do your own thing, & 1 bonus celebration track)

• These meditations have proven to be a catalyst for powerful personal & professional shifts in the lives of many of Kimberly’s clients (including some very brave & powerful guys!). See what some of them have to say here.