Behind The Music

© 2010 words & music by Kim Brown Cain & Reginald Rueffer
I wrote just a few lyrics to a song by a fictitious band, called XXX, in the novel. While planning the CD & thinking about existing songs that would be a good fit, I realized I should actually finish “Exposed” & record it. The thing was, not only did I have to finish writing it – take it from a few lyrics to a full lyric, I had to compose music and bring the right musicians together to create the sound of this fictitious band. No big deal. Right! I called my friend, Reggie, to collaborate. “Exposed” was a real labor of love between the two of us – we both had to be reminded over & over that the song was not about us as artists, but about XXX. We were writing it for them – whoever they are! The final song veers from the novel description a bit, but it works to convey the message.
Here are the original few lyrics you’ll find scattered from page 361-364 of Heaven, before they were reworked & fashioned into a complete song.
I can see it in your eyes
Not a clue who’s on your side
Can’t tell the truth from lies
‘Cause when you fashion Good as evil, evil takes a ride
 Bow down to your religion?
God give me true deliverance!
 Wake up to the sound of the screaming
A soul at the bottom of a well
Left so long, you don’t know it as your own
Now you’re calling us to join you in your hell
 Evil parading in the name of God
You may fool some of the masses
But, then some wear different glasses
You’re exposed!
More stories to come