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The Naked Vibes Show – tune in to the podcast

The Naked Vibes Show podcast brings you conversations, insights & inspiration from musicians, artists, innovators, love-makers, & world-shakers. Tune in!

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Rainbow_Sea Galilee_double

Bright Omen for 2016 – Power of Prayer

New Year’s Day 2016. A double rainbow over the Sea of Galilee as a powerful reminder of ever-present Love & the power of prayer. Learn how to use prayer to thrive in your life through the video, “Why Pray?”

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Local Honey Holiday Mix

Coventry Carol Stirs the Spirit

Coventry Carol is a haunting & beautiful medieval melody. Listen to this version by the fire to get the full flavor.

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One word that will bring you happiness

One word that creates more happiness than you can imagine

Move beyond inspiration & into action. The power behind this word will transform your life & rejuvenate happiness. Watch the video to learn how. It’s the message of Good Friday.

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Feel Alive

What makes you feel ALIVE? Do more of it.

We often choose methods of change that don’t jive with who we are. That’s a land mine. It’s gonna blow up. Commit to doing what makes you feel alive.

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Local Honey Holiday Mix - Kelly Brown & Kim Brown Cain

The gift of music. Listen & be blessed.

Music is the gift of the holidays; the language of everyday. Though I’ve been performing music with my sister, Kelly Brown, for a lifetime, I am still awed by her beautiful voice. Take a few moments to enjoy these beautiful songs & breathe in the joy of the season.

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Lovers of the Universe

Lovemaking beyond the physical. It’ll transform your life

Allow yourself the freedom to experience lovemaking beyond the physical by opening your heart & mind to Love in its higher forms. Vibrate the universe.

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REALM Gather_11-23-13

Want more? Abundance begins with Gratitude for what you have now

Life is too short to spend our time “wanting”, never recognizing what we already have. Music can shift feelings of lack into gratitude & abundance in a flash. Fill up on good vibes from Bryan Wakeland & Brian Miller in this week’s REALM video.

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REALM Gathering 11-23-13_Kimberly Cain & Michael Kenny

When you rock the rhythm of gratitude, shift happens!

Gratitude is more than thinking nice thoughts. It’s anti-venom for the things that bite us each day! Watch this week’s video from The REALM gathering for an instant shift in your personal rhythm. And, learn how to converse with the wild things, too.

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Kimberly Cain_Rhythm & percussion in The REALM

Finding your own rhythm when you’re stuck in an “ADD” world

ADD, ADHD, OCD, Bi-polar disorder… From your spiritual to your sexual health, it’s essential to find your own rhythm & stay out of the dis-order factory! Watch this week’s REALM video – rock your body, soothe your soul.

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