12 Days of Rhythm Virtual Program_Transform Your Soul-Fire into Thriving Life & Career

12 Days of Rhythm
A Journey to Embody Your Soul-Fire
& Thrive in Life,
Love & Career

Riding Your Unique Rhythm
is the single most powerful thing you can do for your life, relationships and career!

Your Soul-Fire – the Essence of who you are – has its own unique rhythm. When you discover & embrace this essence, you clear the way for your purpose & potential to become your Experience.

Your creative & career opportunities expand. Your intimate relationships flourish & deepen. You radiate confidence & magnetize others who desire to see & to help you thrive. You feel free to be who you really are & to contribute your unique creative gifts to the world.

You may already have a sense of this Rhythm, but may not yet connect to it as the essence of your Soul-Fire.

You’ll know you are not embodying your Rhythm if you feel it as something outside of yourself – if you are consistently living in survival mode, feeling stressed & overwhelmed, chronically fatigued, mentally scattered, emotionally drained or hypersensitive, caught in negative thinking, feeling unloved, lacking confidence – or just generally feeling like life has no luster & longing for something more!

Join us on this 12 Day Journey into the Rhythm to connect you to the highest expression of Creative Energy, clear the energies that no longer support you, & empower your Soul-Fire, so you can thrive in every area of your life, your relationships & your career!

12 Days of Rhythm is a guided virtual journey.

For 12 days, you will receive a daily email with one Rhythmic Soul-Fire practice or play assignment that will make the difference between
a life of mediocrity and a life of Freedom to be your Fully Empowered True Self.

Do you want to be a slave to someone else’s rhythm or beat to your own drum?

To embrace your own unique Soul-Fire – live the life you came here to freely live – you must embody your Rhythm.

Give yourself this life-changing opportunity to be your True Self. Your Soul-Fire is a gift to every life you touch – most especially your own. And it has a ripple effect throughout the world.

Join me on the 12 Days of Rhythm Empowerment Journey!

$95 through Dec. 31st


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12 Days of Rhythm – an empowerment journey!

Looking forward to connecting with your Soul-Fire.

Love Rocks the World,


p.s. It’s your time to Thrive!

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